Covid-19 sensitization in Dock Yard community, Down Beach Limbe


Since the outbreak of the Novel Corona Virus, over 18,973 infected cases have been recorded with 410 deaths and this figure is rising every day as the preventive measures are no longer followed strictly.

All4women took upon them to create awareness and sensitize the population of Dock Yard on Covid-19 and its preventive measures. Dock Yard is a small local community located in Down Beach, Limbe 1 locality. The Dockyard community is made up of men, women and children all having a common livelihood which is fishing done by men and smoking of fish by women. This fish is sold to local and international markets.

During our sensitization, we discovered that the population still holds strong on the believe that Covid-19 is not real and doesn’t exist in Cameroon, coupled with the fact that they haven’t recorded any case since the outbreak. Nevertheless, they still showed interest in knowing more on the preventive measures put in place.

We sensitized over 60 persons (men, women and children) on the proper preventive measures to follow to avoid any spread of the virus. These measures include proper washing of hands with soap and clean water, constant wearing of face-mask especially when distancing is impossible, use of alcohol hand base, avoid touching of face and self-quarantine in case suspected symptoms.

All4women distributed over 100 flyers and 10 postals which will help educate them more on the disease which carried on them the preventive measures with demonstrations coupled with the distribution of liquid soap specifically to business owners such as bars, local restaurant and provision stores and face mask to the population sensitized.

It will be important to remark that we did could not find a single water station in the whole of this community and they still hold strong to the believe that the virus does not exist in Cameroon.

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