Fight against COVID-19

All4women Joins the Fight against COVID-19 in Communities around Limbe

In response to the fight against the COVID-19 Pandemic that has struck the world, All4women took a step to sensitize the communities of DCD Camp, middle farms on the health risk of COVID-19, and the preventive measures put in Place by WHO and the Cameroon Government to Fight the Killer Virus.

On March 11th 2020, The WHO Director General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, in a media briefing, declared the COVID-19 a pandemic, pointing to the over 118,000 of Coronavirus cases at the time, in more than 110 countries in world and the sustained risk of further global spread

Mid-March, Cameroon registered her own very first Coronavirus case, which many people were in disbelieve and took it for a joke. It started spreading and today, we have recorded more than 500 cases of Coronavirus with 6 deaths.

In response to fighting the COVID-19 Pandemic, All4women joined the Government and the world in combating the virus, taking upon themselves to produces locally made hand sanitizer to distribute them alongside, soap, hand gloves, face mask and buckets to one the very poorest and vulnerable communities in Limbe Cameroon. We decided to reach out to the C.D.C CAMP middle farms, in the limbe2 locality to do a door to door sensitization on the Coronavirus pandemic while distributing the sanitation kits to the inhabitants of the community to help limit the further spread of the virus or protect themselves from contacting it. Same items were also donated to the Bota District Hospital and the Bota Annex Hospital.

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