My Period My Pride Initiative


All4Women continues to fight against poverty especially among young girls and women who are forced to make great sacrifices just to manage menstruation or their period on a monthly basis. Today we are supper excited to lunch the long awaited Challenge!!!!

The 25,000 Sanitary pad challenge which is to support the #MyPeriodMyPrideInitiative, aims to collaboratively achieve four important goals reaching out to about 2,000 girls:

1. Guarantee access to Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM) Education and Sexual Reproductive Health Right.

2. Promote girls education by ensuring that girls do not boycott school just because they get their period.

3. Ending taboos and cultural beliefs around Menstruation, which will play a great role in ending child marriages.

4. Collaborate with partners to end Menstruation poverty.

Let’s work together to ensure that, the voice of young girls and women are heard and that every girl and young woman will live with the nature of her body with dignity and respect from everyone ❤

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