Women Entrepreneurship “WOMEN IN BUSINESS” training

Women Entrepreneurship “WOMEN IN BUSINESS” training

We had an intensive and an interesting three days training on #WomenEntrepreneurship, titled “WOMEN IN BUSINESS”. It was a three days training on Women Fiinancial Empowerment. Acquiring extensive knowledge on how to start up and run a business while managing your finances properly.

Most Women in our communities find it difficult to successfully own and manage their businesses or even scale-up to a profitable point. This is because most of these Women are managers of their household. The little profit they make from their businesses is used to provide for their household necessities or basic needs, rather than ploughing back into their businesses to scale up.

At the end of these three days training, most of the Women who were lucky to take part realised that, they have been running their business on a loss rather than make profit. All4Women has brought this aspect of #WomenEntrepreneurship to educate and empower Women with financial knowledge on how to successfully start-up, run and scale up their businesses.

  1. Keeping a good financial record of your business
  2. Market entry and competitors
  3. Marketing strategies and good positioning.
  4. How to source for business financing.

At the end of these trainings, All4Women is able to grant small business loans to these Women, for them to able to scale their business and make profit. 

Here are some photos of how the three days training on #WomenEntrepreneurship “WOMEN IN BUSINESS” organised and sponsored by #All4Women went. Certificates of Participation were also awarded at the end of the programme.

At the end of our three days #WomenEntrepreneurship “WOMEN IN BUSINESS” training, this is what some of the participants had to say. Also, All4Women wish to say; A big thank you, to all the trainers who made this training program a success.
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