In Cameroon, the prevalence of diabetes in Adults in Urban areas in currently estimated at 6-8%, with much as 80% of the people living with diabetes who are currently undiagnosed in the population. According to data from WHO 2016, about diabetes in Cameroon, the percentage of women with diabetes is higher than the percentage of men. The burden of diabetes in Cameroon is not only higher but it is increasing rapidly, because the people lack education on this dangerous disease and health risked associated to it.  Further, Cameroon has the prescription drug and insulin affordability crisis.

Our program on Gestational Diabetes Education and Free Blood sugar screening among young  pregnant and aspiring mothers in communities  and local health centres of Cameroon has as its main goal to, raise awareness and enhance Gestational diabetes early diagnosis in vulnerable and low-income women or pregnant women in Cameroon. This will be reinforced by a regular educational program on Gestational diabetes, obesity and high blood pressure in the community health centers, women organizations, which will be designed by All4Women to be able to reach out to the community and as a result reduce maternal death rate in Cameroon.

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