Menstrual Hygiene Day, 2020


Over 50 young girls in Bakingili were educated on menstrual hygiene by the All4Women Association, on the occasion of Menstrual Hygiene day, May 28, 2020.

The event which took place at the Idenau Council Community Hall Bakingili included a detailed explanation of the menstrual cycle, personal hygiene, how to use and dispose of a sanitary pad, sex education and understanding the reproductive system.

Young girls of Bakingili had the chance to share their personal experience and challenges with menstruation amidst learning from that of the team at All4Women. The outreach also permitted the adolescents learn how to make a reusable sanitary pad in addition to sixty disposable pads donated by All4Women.

Speaking to Invest in Limbe, the Chief of Bakingili village, Elive Joseph, who mobilized his community for this activity expressed satisfaction “In fact I am very happy for their gesture. I hope this is not the last time; after this, it will continue again”. He also affirmed his belief in the impact of All4Women’s exchange with young girls in Bakingili “from here, they will learn how to care for themselves – at home, in school, everywhere”.

This year’s Menstrual Hygiene Day had as theme “It’s time for action”. Representing the association, FORTEH THEORINE noted that the challenges these girls face with menstrual hygiene management prompted All4Women to reach out to them “It’s important because most of them don’t even know what menstruation is all about. Secondly, most of them get unwanted pregnancy because they don’t know anything about their menstrual cycle. That’s why we deem it necessary to come and talk to them about menstruation and to educate them on good hygiene”.

Based in Limbe, All4Women’s activities focus on empowering a new generation of young girls and women. Their wide range of programs address education and technology for young girls, gender-based violence, capacity and skill building, entrepreneurship, among others, in line with sustainable development goals.

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