Promoting Maternal Health Education

Promoting Maternal Health Education Among Vulnerable Pregnant Women and Nursing Mothers On Pregnancy related issues And Nutrition at the Limbe PMI Clinic and Limbola Integrated Health Center South West Region, Cameroon.


Health care is a human right: the world health organization estimates up to 2/3 of the new born deaths could be prevented if skill health workers perform effectively health measures during pregnancy, birth and during the first week of life.  Read More

Following the ongoing arm conflict in Cameroon’s Anglophone Regions (North West and South West Region) which began in late 2016, thousands of people have been displaced. This has led to deteriorating humanitarian conditions of over four (4) million people (OCHA 2019). This has limited the population access to health and nutritional services especially pregnant women and girls, nursing mothers and children as they are consider belonging to the vulnerable group in the society.


In response to the situation, All4 Women organized and educational visit to Limbe  PMI Down beach Clinic and Limbola Integrated Health Centre to educate vulnerable pregnant women/girls and nursing mothers on maternal mortality, infant mortality  and proper nutrition. These included the causes and prevention of maternal and infant mortality. Also All4Women provided these women some gifts.

The main purpose of our visit was to promote and provide basic health care and nutritional advice and services to vulnerable pregnant women and nursing mothers. This was reflected in the level of commitment exercise by the participants and nurses in the positive comments they made.


Prior visits were made to the chosen health centers by one of our volunteer. She met with head of staff of these health centers to inform them on our visit and to help mobilized the pregnant women / girls and nursing mothers. This was to help facilitate our visit.


The visit was a successful with lot of appreciation from participants and nurses. The participants left with lot of satisfaction and enthusiasm. This was our very first outreach to the community. We could not be less fulfilled when we saw the number of participants who turn out and everyone they left with a heart of gratitude.

By this act we could confirm our journey as an organization just began. Our love to serve our community is our big motivation to making sure no pregnant women, mother girl or child is left behind.

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